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June 25/17  Almost there - need lines, nets & benches


STPC Golf Tournament
The Bluffs Golf Course, Port Stanley ON
Sept. 9, 2017

Railway City Tournament
Pinafore Park Aug. 26, 2017



OSGA Dist 31 Pickleball Tournament June 3, 2017

Medal Winners:
Top left: Men's 55-64
Middle left: Mixed 55-64
Bottom left: Women's 65+

Top right: Skunk Prize
Middle right: Mixed 65+
Middle bottom: Men's 65+



Pickleball Christmas
at St. Joe's
Dec. 19, 2016 


STPC Golf Tournament @ The Bluffs Golf Course
9, 2016 
Group Photo

Champion's Trophy L-R: Justine Howes,
Carl McCormick, Helen 
Davey, Mike Howes

Pinafore Park Court Reconstruction Project in Photos
Start Date: Aug. 8, 2016
Courts Opened: June 30, 2017
Aug 7/16 Before Construction                        
Aug 9/16    
Aug 9/16 Posts, fencing removed
Aug 9/16 North end trees removed
Aug 9/16 Pulverizing the asphalt

   Aug 9/16 More pulverization      

Aug 9/16

Aug 14/16  Everything gone,
ready to grade


Aug 17/16 Grading looking south

Aug 17/16 Grading toward north

Sept. 13/16 Grading done, under
ground wiring next

Sept. 23/16 Posts for fencing installed
with poured concrete around entire site

Sept 28/16 - Asphalt going down

Oct. 11/16 Just arrived - posts for
lighting. Now installed - posts for 
fencing between courts & sleeves 
for net posts

Oct. 21/16 Posts & lights installed

Nov. 9/16 Fencing compeleted, final 
surface coat, lines & nets next spring
May 12/17 Final surfacing started
this week. Awnings up on south fence
June 25/17 Add lines, nets &
benches & start playing
June 25/17 Different Angle
June 29/17 - Nets up, line pained, 
good to go

 Railway City Pickleball Tournament @ St. Joe's
Aug. 4, 2016

60 Players + Organizers
 Top 3 Teams

Thanks go to all those players who
donated items 
for the food bank

1st Place Navy Team L-R:  Rick Hodges, Kathy Zyburra, Chris Boss, Elise Appleford, Jan Nicholson, Brian Crocker

2nd Place Kelly Green Team L-R: John Bole, Lynn Sietsma, Bruce Graham, Chris McQuiggan, Helen Davey, Richard Desabrais (absent)
3rd Place Royal Blue Team L-R: Robert Hillman, Mary Tully, Terry Boss, Ken Rosevear, Michele Horton, Bob Hayes

3rd Annual
General Meeting 
of the
St. Thomas
Pickleball Club
Pinafore Park, June 21, 2016

Richard Mommersteeg of St. Joe's 
Accepts $500 donation from STPC

                                                                                     AGM Door Prizes
Ukes of Hazard provided entertainment at AGM
The Livermores...Mavis & Morris were surprise attendees who offered their reflections on pickleball & other important topics 

2016-17 STPC Executive
L-R: Jill Noad, Cynthia Rutledge, Clayton Watters, Catherine Upfold, Dave Hall, John Harbaruk                       

Public Open House To Review Design Plans for New Tennis/Pickleball Courts @ Pinafore Park
June 7, 2016


Callwood Public School
Family Pickleball Night
May 4, 2016 

2016 March Break Pickleball @ St. Thomas Salvation Army Kids Camp


Club Fun Tournament at St. Joe's Feb. 22, 2016 


 Florida/Arizona 2016

Coach Mo donates his Pickleball Clinics DVD for our club's AGM, The Villages, FLA  Feb. 15, 2016


Christmas Social
Dec. 18/15 @ St. Joe's

Featuring: Santa, His Naughty Elf with the great legs & a fantastic cast of club members who enjoyed the Christmas snacks, refreshments, frivolity & of course some pickleball.


 Club Fun Tournament Nov. 23/15 @ St. Joe's
Lot's of pickleball, lot's of fun for
36 players & spectators.




 Halloween Pickleball @ St. Joe's Nov. 30, 2015
Lots of treats. lots of fun & a bunch of crazy costumes

The Greeters- St. Joseph & Superman



July 28, 2015 - Day 1 of our 3 Days of Try It @ Pinafore Park
55 newbies showed up & were assisted by 36 club members




2nd Annual General Meeting
of the
St. Thomas Pickleball Club
Pinafore Park, June 25, 201

2015-16 Executive

You got how much money from the government?

The Prez & Jan
Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Gettin' married again
New Canadian citizen!

Donation To St. Joe's High School, May 25/15
Club executive with Richard Mommersteeg
 (3rd from left) of St. Joe's Phys. Ed. Dept.
Club makes $350 doantion to St. Joe's

Monday night players with Richard Mommersteeg (front row middle) 

Christmas Social
Timken Centre,
23, 2014


This is what pickleball players do
 when they can't go south for the winter.
Nice legs!

St.Joe's Gd. 11 Boys Phys. Ed.
Class, Nov. 17, 2014


 He makes fried chicken & he knows how to serve it!



Family size bucket of 
Halloween treats

Halloween Oct. 27/14 - Theme was "Dress & Act like Terry!"
Halloween Oct. 27/14 - Theme was "Dress & Act like Terry!"

More clones!
The real deal ! 

Wellness Fair, Memorial Arena
June, 2013

 Port Dover Adult Lifestyle Communtiy
Demo on new courts, Aug. 2014

 Woodstock Charity Tournament
June, 2014

Thumbs Up for Pickleball
Kraft Celebration Tour Entry
Photo on the Right

Bayfest Tourney,Port Rowan
Aug. 2013


Parkside Collegiate Oct. 2013